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Details Shank Type: Hexagonal Finish: Uncoated Material: Carbide Item ID: QK35341 Highlight description: [High Quality Alloy Material] Made of high quality alloy, the oxy-nitriding process of the bit improves the hardness of th...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Color: Yellow Power Mode: Uncharged Battery Properties: Without Battery Item ID: PV57313 Product Description: Top-quality magnetic screwdriver set, featuring 10 pro...
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Details Save Report this item Material: PP,TPR,Chrome Vanadium Steel Head Style: Flat,Torx,Phillips Color: Black,Yellow Surface Recommendation: Metal Number of Pieces: >20 Assembly Required: No Special Features: Rust resista...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Color: Red Power Mode: Uncharged Battery Properties: Without Battery Item ID: QW56384 Description Cr-v steel with heat treatment, high hardness, and good tough...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Metal Item ID: PC48580 About this item Strong magnetic head: The black oxide coating of the screwdriver tips increases friction and is magnetic, making the tip wear-resistant and corrosio...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Steel Color: Black,Yellow Assembly Required: No Power Mode: Uncharged Battery Properties: Without Battery Item ID: QY43363 Top quality magnetic screwdriver set, comprising professional gr...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Steel Color: Black,Yellow Assembly Required: No Power Mode: Uncharged Battery Properties: Without Battery Item ID: NF45294 Product Description: Top quality magnetic screwdriver set,...

Choosing the right screwdriver for the job is essential to completing projects quickly, efficiently, and safely. With the wide variety of screwdriver types and brands available, it can be challenging to determine which are truly the best. This collection of Tonix Tools explores everything you need to know to pick the optimal screwdrivers for your needs.

What is a Screwdriver?

A screwdriver kit is a hand tool used for driving screws. It has a tip that fits into the head of a screw and a handle that allows the user to apply rotational force to turn the screw. Common screwdriver types include flat head, Phillips head, Torx, hex, and specialty bits for screws with unique head shapes.

When was Screwdrivers Invented

The origins of the impact screwdriver are unclear, but evidence shows they were in use by the late 15th century. Early screwdrivers had flat blade tips and wooden handles. Screwdrivers became more refined and specialized over time, with the development of Phillips head screws in the 1930s leading to the Phillips screwdriver. Powered screwdrivers emerged in the late 19th century. Today, screwdrivers come in a wide range of manual and powered varieties.

How to Hold a Screwdriver

  • Grip the handle near the base, between your thumb and index finger. Keep other fingers wrapped around for control.
  • Keep the wrist straight and the elbow close to the body for optimal leverage.
  • Press the tip firmly into the screw head so it fully engages before turning.
  • Rotate the handle clockwise to drive the screw in, and counterclockwise to remove.
  • Use the palm of the free hand to apply pressure and keep the screwdriver tip seated in a screw.
  • Adjust the grip and reposition as needed to maintain control when driving the screw.
  • For greater torque, use one hand on the handle and the other hand over the top of the handle for extra downward force.
What is a Screwdriver
What is a Screwdriver

Structure of a Screwdriver

A cordless screwdriver is a deceptively simple tool made up of just a few key parts that allow it to turn and drive screws:

  • Handle - The handle provides a grip for applying torque. It may be contoured for comfort and made of materials like plastic, rubber, or wood. Some ratcheting screwdriver handles contain mechanisms.
  • Shank - The shank is the metal shaft that connects the handle to the tip. Quality screwdrivers have seamless, annealed shanks that resist twisting and bending.
  • Tip - The tip fits into screw heads to allow turning. Common tip types are flat, Phillips, Torx, Robertson, hex, and specialty shapes like clutch heads.
  • Ferrule - The ferrule is a ring that provides stability where the shank meets the handle. It spreads force and prevents the handle from splitting.
  • Cap - A removable cap on the handle end can cover the tip for safety. Some caps hold handy bits.

While simple in design, high-quality construction and materials are vital to screwdriver durability, integrity, and performance. Well-engineered screwdrivers can withstand tremendous torque and last for years.

What is the Meaning of Screwdriver?

A screwdriver is a hand tools specifically designed for inserting into screw heads to turn and drive the screws into materials. The name "screwdriver" directly refers to the tool's function:

  • "Screw" refers to the fastener that the tool is designed to interact with and manipulate. Screws are threaded fasteners that require rotational motion to drive them into materials.
  • "Driver" refers to the purpose of the tool being to "drive" or turn the screws via rotational force applied by the user's hand, arm, and wrist.

So in essence, a screwdriver is a hand tool engineered specifically to apply torque to screws to rotate and drive them into various materials by hand. The handle allows grip and rotational force transmission, while the tip fits into screw heads to turn them.

Other meanings relate to how the screwdriver turns or drives the screws:

  • "Turnscrew" - References how the screwdriver turns the screws.
  • "Screw turning tool" - Also describes the rotational action of the screwdriver.
  • "Screw bit" - Refers to the tip that fits into screw heads for turning them.

So in summary, the term "screwdriver" directly describes the tool's primary function - manually turning and driving screws.

What is the Meaning of Screwdriver
What is the Meaning of Screwdriver

How Does a Screwdriver Make Work Easier?

Here are a few ways a screwdriver makes work easier:

  1. Provides better grip and torque - The handle of a mobile screwdriver gives you much better grip and leverage compared to using just your fingers to turn a screw. This allows you to generate more twisting force to drive screws efficiently. The handle also gives you better control and accuracy when seating a screw precisely.
  2. Fits fasteners properly - A properly fitting tip engages perfectly in the head of the screw. This prevents cam-out where the tip slips out and damages the fastener. The right size and type of tip makes starting and driving screws much easier.
  3. Access to tight spaces - The long narrow shaft of a screwdriver allows you to reach and turn screws in confined areas where your fingers won't fit. Many specialty screwdrivers have flexible or angled shafts to facilitate working in tight spaces.
  4. Magnetic tips - Many screwdrivers have magnetized tips which help hold the screw in place when starting it. This makes driving screws in tricky overhead or hard-to-reach spots much simpler.
  5. Ratcheting handles - These specialized handles turn the screw as you push in, then release to reset when you pull back. This speeds up repetitive screwing tasks without needing to regrip as frequently.
  6. Power options - Electric screwdrivers, impact drivers, and drills fitted with the right bit can vastly multiply the speed and ease of driving large numbers of screws.

 Some Questions about Screwdrivers

Here are detailed answers to your questions about screwdrivers:

How to Hold a Screwdriver?

When holding a screwdriver machine, you'll want to grip the handle near the end to get the most torque. Place your dominant hand on top with your palm over the butt of the handle and wrap your fingers around, while resting your thumb along the side. Maintain a firm yet relaxed grip.

Use your other hand to help steer the screwdriver tip to the screw by guiding it with your thumb and index finger. Apply downward pressure to keep good contact between the tip and screw head as you turn the screwdriver handle.

How to Open a Locked Door with a Screwdriver?

To open a locked door with a small screwdriver set, start by selecting a flat-head screwdriver that fits snugly into the screw slot in the lock. Firmly wedge the tip into the slot and slowly turn the screwdriver while gently applying pressure to try to rotate the lock mechanism inside. If it won't turn at first, try lightly tapping the handle to vibrate the lock parts and free things up.

Gradually increase the turning force but avoid excessive force. You can also attempt to slide the thin edge of the screwdriver between the door and frame to disengage the latch. If unable to unlock the door, call a professional locksmith to gain entry properly without damage.

Can I use Screwdriver Bits in a Drill?

You can use screwdriver bits in a drill using the right accessories. You'll need a bit holder that fits your drill and allows securely chucking the desired screwdriver bit. Choose a bit that matches the screw type and size you need to drive.

Phillips, slotted, Torx, and other bits can all work in a drill with the proper holder. Start slowly and increase drill speed gradually, using light pressure on the screw. A drill's high torque can easily over-tighten or strip screws if you aren't careful.

How to Make a Good Screwdriver

Making a high-quality screwdriver involves using durable, hardened chrome vanadium steel for the shank and blades to resist twisting and bending forces. The tips need to be precisely machined to fit screw heads perfectly. Proper grinding of the blades improves fit and performance. Magnetizing the tips by tempering in a magnetic field allows convenient holding of screws while driving.

An ergonomic, grippy handle gives control and comfort - rubberized coatings work well. Shanks should be heat-treated for ideal strength and flexibility. Helpful features can include ratcheting handles or swappable bits for versatility. Chrome plating the shank improves corrosion resistance.

Screwdriver sets
Screwdriver sets

Where to Buy a Small Screwdriver?

If you're looking for a place to buy high-quality small screwdrivers, I suggest checking out Tonix Tools. 

Tonix Tools is an excellent company located at 1942 Broadway Suite 314 C Boulder, Colorado, 80302, USA. They have a reputation for selling top-notch ratcheting screwdrivers that are reliable, durable, and precisely machined. 

At Tonix Tools' online store at, they offer a wide selection of ratcheting screwdrivers in various sizes, including high-quality precision screwdrivers perfect for detailed electronics work. Their ratchets come in different handle designs and with handy reversible bits to tackle all types of screws.

Tonix uses premium materials like heat-treated S2 steel alloy for strength and chromium-vanadium steel for flexibility. Their ratcheting mechanism is finely engineered for smooth action that makes repetitive driving or loosening tasks much easier. The ratcheting design also provides great torque.

In addition to individuals, Tonix sells specialty ratcheting screwdriver set prices to military, aerospace, medical, and automotive businesses that need tools built to last. Their manufacturing process adheres to strict quality control. 

With Tonix Tools' durable ratchets backed by a lifetime guarantee, you can be confident you are getting high-performance, American-made precision screw-driving tools by purchasing from their website or Colorado storefront.

Where to Buy a Small Screwdriver
Where to Buy a Small Screwdriver


In conclusion, screwdrivers are indispensable tools that make many tasks much easier thanks to their specialized design. Choosing screwdrivers with quality construction, properly fitting tips, and handy features like ratcheting handles or magnetized ends will provide superior functionality and durability. 

The brands Tonix Tools are known for making excellent screwdrivers suitable for both common jobs and precision work. Investing in a comprehensive set with different tip types helps ensure you have the right screwdriver when needed. Taking the time to select high-quality screwdrivers made to last, whether individual models or full sets, is worth the investment for your home or workplace needs.

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