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Details Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Item ID: FV35238 Feature of product Heavy-Duty and High-Strength: Constructed with robust materials, these bolt cutters are designed to handle tough cutting tasks encountered in the const...
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Details Specific Uses For Product: Outside; professional Item ID: RL18229 Wire cutter with sharp blades snips wire up to 12 AWG / 2.5mm, producing a flat, flush cut21-degree angled head design, increases access in confined area...
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Details Major Material: Metal Blade Material: Steel Specific Uses For Product: Outside; professional Foldable: Foldable Item ID: RN72437 Feature of product The 6-inch wire cutters is an indispensable tool in any toolbox. With i...
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Details Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Item ID: NT28156 Here are the detailed features of the product "Industrial Grade Multi-function Expansion and Retaining Ring Pliers Set - Internal and External Dual-purpose Card Pliers": ...
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Details Material: Carbon Steel Item ID: TX58926 Here are the detailed features of the product "4pcs/set Professional Multiple-Spec Wire Cutter and Needle Nose Pliers Set - Electrician Tool for Stripping, Crimping, and Repair": ...
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Details Material: Metal,Plastic,Iron,Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel,High carbon steel Item ID: KU69977 Here is a detailed list of features for the product "2pcs Wire Cutters, Pliers Tool Set, Flat Nose Pliers, Multi-functional ...
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Details Material: Carbon Steel Recommended Use: Home Decor,Refrigerator Number of Pieces: 2 Item ID: ML56996 Contact Tonix Tools immediately to have more detailed questions about the product answeredTonix Tools - Premiu...
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Details Material: Steel Item ID: TH54360 Contact Tonix Tools immediately to have more detailed questions about the product answeredTonix Tools - Premium Pliers SetEmail support: support@tonixtools.comHotline: +1 (866) 69...
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Details Applicable People: Universal Material: Metal,Iron Item ID: GV70600
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Details Save Report this item Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Color: Yellow Power Mode: Uncharged Battery Properties: Without Battery Item ID: PV57313 Product Description: Top-quality magnetic screwdriver set, featuring 10 pro...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Metal Item ID: PC48580 About this item Strong magnetic head: The black oxide coating of the screwdriver tips increases friction and is magnetic, making the tip wear-resistant and corrosio...
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Details Save Report this item Material: Steel Color: Black,Yellow Assembly Required: No Power Mode: Uncharged Battery Properties: Without Battery Item ID: QY43363 Top quality magnetic screwdriver set, comprising professional gr...
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Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference when tackling projects around the home or on the work site. Investing in the best hand tools pays off exponentially in time and frustration saved. This collection of Tonix Tools will overview the most useful hand tools that no toolbox should be without.

What are Hand Tools?

Hand tools are non-powered, manually operated implements that enhance a person's capabilities to perform physical tasks accurately and efficiently. They include common implements like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, chisels, and saws. More specialized hand tools also exist for specific trades or purposes.

The key distinction of hand tools compared to power tools is that they do not require an external power source and are fully operated by hand. This gives the user more precise control and finesse, which can be important for detailed work. It does require skill and practice to use hand tools effectively though.

Hand tools have a long history predating power tools. Many are still commonly used today either in place of or alongside power tools. Skilled tradespeople often prefer quality hand tools for their durability, ergonomics, and ability to customize the leverage or force applied.

While power tools provide speed and convenience, they sacrifice some of the precision of craftsman hand tools. So hand tools continue to serve an important and often irreplaceable role in detailed, high-quality work. They allow workers to bring their skill and expertise directly to fine tasks in a way power tools cannot replicate.

Hand tools tonix tools

Functions of Hand Tools

Hand tools serve a variety of important functions that make them indispensable for many tasks:

Gripping and Turning

  • Pliers, wrenches, and ratchets allow you to grip objects and apply torque for turning, tightening, and loosening. Their adjustable jaws and sockets attach securely to nuts, bolts, pipes, and other items that need twisting and turning.


  • Knives, snips, shears, and saws utilize sharp cutting edges to slice through material. Serrated edges and specialized blade shapes optimize cutting performance.


  • Tools like planes, chisels, gouges, and files allow controlled removal of material to shape and smooth wood, metal, and stone.

Striking and Hammering

  • The impact force from hammers, mallets, and sleds drives nails, stakes, chisels, and punches with controlled precision. Weight and handle design provides optimal striking.

Measuring and Layout

  • Precise measurements from tools like tapes, levels, squares, and calipers layout lines, angles, depths, and distances to guide cutting and assembly.

Prying and Lifting

  • Bars, pry bars, and cat's paws utilize leverage to provide the force needed for prying things apart or lifting heavy objects with control.

Fastening and Joining

  • Screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, and vises provide the means to mechanically fasten or join components securely together.

In summary, Milwaukee hand tools augment human capabilities in ways that would be impossible with just our hands. Having the right tools for a given task makes it easier, faster, safer, and often achieves superior results. Their specialized designs optimize grip, leverage, precision, and force application.

Functions of Hand Tools

Types of Hand Tools on the Market Today

Impact Sockets

Impact sockets are designed to withstand the forces of impact wrenches. They typically have a thicker wall and are made from impact-grade chromium alloy steel for durability. Common types include deep sockets, shallow sockets, spark plug sockets, and hex sockets.

Impact socket tonix tools
Impact sockets


Ratchets provide the ability to turn a socket or fastener in short strokes versus fully turning. Ratchet mechanisms range from simple pawl designs to sophisticated dual-pawl systems that resist jamming. Ratchet handles come in various sizes, tooth counts, and flex orientations.

Ratchets tonix tools


Wrenches twist and turn nuts, bolts, and pipes. Open-end wrenches have fixed openings to fit various bolt sizes. Box-end wrenches fully enclose the fastener with 12-point or 6-point openings. Adjustable wrenches like Crescent wrenches have movable jaws. Combination wrenches offer both box and open-ends.

Wrenches tonix tools


Screwdrivers fit into screwheads to drive or remove fasteners. Common types include slotted, Phillips, Torx, hex, and specialty bits. Ratcheting screwdrivers speed repetitive driving and removal. Magnetic screwdrivers help hold fasteners in place during use.

Wrenches tonix tools


Pliers serve a broad range of gripping, turning, crimping, and cutting functions. Common types include slip joints, needle noses, channel locks, linesmen, and locking pliers. Specialty pliers are made for electricians, mechanics, jewelers, and more.

Pliers tonix tools

Drill Bits

Drill bits bore holes in materials like wood, metal, masonry, glass, and plastic. Bit types include twist, spade, brad point, countersink, and hole saws. Materials range from high-speed steel to carbide.

Drill Bits tonix tools
Drill Bits

Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters slice through metal bolts and locks. The long handles provide high leverage for cutting hard materials. Common types include straight jaw, curved jaw, and long reach.

Bolt Cutters tonix tools
Bolt Cutters

Caulking Guns

Caulking guns apply controlled amounts of caulk, adhesives, and sealants. Features like smooth rodless dispensing, dial thickness adjustment, and reduced hand fatigue aid precision caulking.

Caulking guns tonix tools
Caulking guns

Cable Cutters

Cable cutters are pliers designed to cut through thicker cables and wires. Their thicker, sharper blades provide extra leverage and shearing action for hard wire materials.

Cable cutters tonix tools
Cable cutters


Clamps hold pieces securely in position for gluing, welding, or fastening. Types like C-clamps, pipe clamps, spring clamps, and locking pliers all supply fixed or adjustable pressure.

Clamps tonix tools

How to use Hand Tools

Here are some general tips on how to properly and safely use common garden hand tools:


  • Grip the handle near the end and swing using your elbow, not just your wrist. Let gravity do the work.
  • Hit the target squarely, avoiding glances. Use a hammer face suited to the material.
  • Hand tool sets nails with several lighter taps before driving them in.


  • Use the right size and type of screwdriver for the fastener. The wrong one can damage screw heads.
  • Apply downward force when turning to keep the screwdriver tip engaged.
  • For stuck screws, push firmly while turning to break the thread loose.


  • Always pull the wrench toward you, not push away, for better leverage.
  • Use the correct size wrench to avoid rounding off bolt heads and nuts.
  • Avoid overextending adjustable wrenches which can lead to slippage.


  • Grip pliers as close to the hinge as possible for maximum leverage.
  • When wire cutting, keep the wire centered on the pliers to ensure a straight cut.
  • Avoid using pliers on hardened materials like tool steel to prevent damage.


  • Use sharp drill bits suited to the material being drilled. Dull bits are ineffective and unsafe.
  • Apply pressure in line with the drill bit to prevent skipping and breaking bits.
  • Back the drill out periodically to clear chips and cool the bit.

In general, use the right tool for the job, keep blades and bits sharp, grip tools properly, and let the tool's designed leverage do the work. Maintain control and don't overpower tools. Also, ensure workpieces are securely positioned against injury and follow all safety precautions. With practice, using dewalt hand tools becomes second nature.

How to use Hand Tools

Notes When Cleaning Hand Tools

Instructions for Product Preservation

  • Wipe down tools after each use to remove dirt, debris, grease, and moisture that can lead to rust.
  • Store tools properly in a dry, clean space to prevent damage. Hang up tools or keep them in a toolbox.
  • Oil tools regularly with lightweight machine oil to prevent corrosion and keep moving parts operating smoothly.
  • Sharpen cutting edges and blades frequently to keep tools performing optimally. Replace as needed.
  • Check for worn handles, loose heads, and damaged jaws, and replace any faulty parts immediately.
  • For tools with wooden handles, occasionally treat them with boiled linseed oil to nourish the wood and prevent drying out.

Instructions for Cleaning the Product

  • For light dirt, wipe down with a clean rag. For heavier grime, use a brush with stiff bristles.
  • Soak badly soiled tools in kerosene or diesel fuel briefly to loosen caked-on grease and oils.
  • Use a mild detergent and warm water solution to scrub away grime. Avoid harsh, caustic cleaners.
  • Rinse off any soap residue thoroughly and immediately dry. Allow no moisture to remain.
  • For rust removal, use a wire brush, steel wool, or emery cloth. Severe rust may require a vinegar soak or naval jelly.
  • Re-oil moving parts after cleaning using penetrating oils like WD-40 or light machine oil.

Proper cleaning and care make hand tools last for years of dependable service. Investing a little time upfront saves money and frustration down the road.

Notes When Cleaning Hand Tools

Where to Buy Reputable Hand Tools?

When investing in strong hand tools, it pays to buy from reputable brands known for quality and durability. Trying to save money on cheap tools usually leads to aggravation down the road when they underperform or break prematurely. For ratchets, you want smooth mechanisms and sturdy construction that will last.

One excellent source for professional-grade hand tools is Tonix Tools based in Boulder, Colorado. Tonix sells high-quality ratchets designed and tested to withstand years of daily use.

Where to Buy Reputable Hand Tools

To experience their quality first-hand, visit the Tonix Tools website at Their distribution center address is:

  • 1942 Broadway Suite 314 C Boulder, Colorado, 80302 USA
  • Email support:
  • Hotline: +1 (866) 698-8869

Tonix provides an impressive selection of sockets, hex keys, screwdrivers, pliers, and other hand tools to complete your toolkit. Their "Made in USA" tools come with a lifetime guarantee against defects.

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