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Details Specific Uses For Product: Outside; professional Item ID: RL18229 Wire cutter with sharp blades snips wire up to 12 AWG / 2.5mm, producing a flat, flush cut21-degree angled head design, increases access in confined area...
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Details Major Material: Metal Blade Material: Steel Specific Uses For Product: Outside; professional Foldable: Foldable Item ID: RN72437 Feature of product The 6-inch wire cutters is an indispensable tool in any toolbox. With i...
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Details Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel Item ID: NT28156 Here are the detailed features of the product "Industrial Grade Multi-function Expansion and Retaining Ring Pliers Set - Internal and External Dual-purpose Card Pliers": ...
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Details Material: Carbon Steel Item ID: TX58926 Here are the detailed features of the product "4pcs/set Professional Multiple-Spec Wire Cutter and Needle Nose Pliers Set - Electrician Tool for Stripping, Crimping, and Repair": ...
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Details Material: Metal,Plastic,Iron,Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel,High carbon steel Item ID: KU69977 Here is a detailed list of features for the product "2pcs Wire Cutters, Pliers Tool Set, Flat Nose Pliers, Multi-functional ...
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Details Material: Carbon Steel Recommended Use: Home Decor,Refrigerator Number of Pieces: 2 Item ID: ML56996 Contact Tonix Tools immediately to have more detailed questions about the product answeredTonix Tools - Premiu...
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Details Material: Steel Item ID: TH54360 Contact Tonix Tools immediately to have more detailed questions about the product answeredTonix Tools - Premium Pliers SetEmail support: support@tonixtools.comHotline: +1 (866) 69...
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Details Applicable People: Universal Material: Metal,Iron Item ID: GV70600

Having the right pliers for the job can make all the difference when tackling DIY projects or professional work. With so many types and brands of pliers on the market, it can be tricky to choose the best ones to add to your toolkit. This collection of Tonix Tools covers everything you need to know about pliers to select the right pair for your needs.

What is Pliers?

Pliers are best hand tools used to hold, bend, or cut objects. Key points about pliers:

  • Consists of two levers joined at a fulcrum, with handles on one end and jaws on the other. Provides grip and leverage.
  • Many types designed for different purposes - common ones are combination pliers, needle-nose pliers, lineman's pliers, locking pliers, etc.
  • Typically made from materials like steel, titanium, or plastic. High carbon steel offers strength and durability.
  • Features like joint design, handle type, jaw type (serrated or smooth) differ by variety. Determines grip and cutting ability.
  • Used for gripping objects firmly, twisting wire, cutting cable, bending metal, turning nuts/bolts, crimping terminals, and more.
  • Important general purpose tool for electricians, mechanics, DIYers, jewelers, etc. Choosing the right type is key.

In summary, pliers are versatile hand tools that provide grip and leverage through clever lever design. The many specialized types allow them to be used for a wide range of precision tasks.

What is Pliers
What is Pliers

Structure of Pliers

Here is an overview of the key components that make up the structure of pliers:

  • Handles - The handles provide grip and leverage for the user. Typically made of plastic, rubber, or cushioned grips for comfort.
  • Joint - The pivot point that joins the two handles. Varies from the bolt, box joint, rivet, or integrated joint designs. Affects strength and smoothness.
  • Jaws - The working end of the pliers used to grip objects. Can be smooth, serrated, curved, blunt, needled, etc. depending on use.
  • Cutters - Some pliers have cutting blades built into the jaws for cutting wire or cable.
  • Springs - Internal springs allow the jaws to open when released. This returns slip joints and locking pliers to an open position.
  • Fulcrum - The point on the joint where the force is applied by the user to maximize grip strength at the jaws. Located closer to the jaws than the handles.
  • Materials - Typically made of forged steel but also aluminum, titanium, plastic, etc. Steel brings durability and strength.
  • Coating - May have chrome, nickel, or other anti-corrosion coatings to prevent rusting.

Overall, the combination of handles for grip, pinned joints for leverage, tough jaws, and robust construction allows pliers to perform a wide range of gripping and cutting plier. The quality of these components affects performance.

Application of Pliers

Here are some of the main applications and uses of different types of pliers:

Electrical Applications

  • Linesman Pliers - Gripping, twisting, cutting wires and cables, bending conduit, cutting screw heads
  • Long Nose Pliers - Reaching into tight spaces to grip wires, twisting connections
  • Wire Strippers - Removing insulation from electrical wiring

Automotive/Mechanic Applications

  • Slip Joint Pliers - Gripping and turning nuts, fittings, hose clamps, starting stubborn bolts
  • Locking Pliers - Steady gripping and tensioning of automotive parts can act as a vice
  • Snap Ring Pliers - Installing and removing snap rings and circlip pliers

Plumbing Applications

  • Channellock Pliers - Gripping and turning pipes, nuts and fittings
  • Water Pump Pliers - Adjustable jaws grip a range of pipe sizes
  • Tubing Cutter - Cutting copper tubing and plastic pipes

Jewelry Making Applications

  • Chain Nose Pliers - Precise bending and shaping of small wire pieces
  • Round Nose Pliers - Forming smooth curves for rings
  • Flat Nose Pliers - Gripping jewelry findings, opening and closing jump rings

General DIY Applications

  • Combination Pliers - Gripping, twisting, nut turning, bending, cutting
  • Tongue and Groove Pliers - Adjustable gripping of pipes up to 2 inches
  • Bent Nose Pliers - Reaching into tight corners not accessible by regular pliers

In summary, the wide range of specialized pliers allows for tailored functionality for common electrical, mechanical, jewelry-making, and general home repair tasks.

Application of Pliers
Pliers have many useful uses

Popular Types of Pliers

Here are some of the most popular types of pliers and plier sets to consider:

Mixed Pliers Sets

Convenient all-in-one plier sets can be a great option, offering an assortment of commonly used pliers in one purchase. Typical mixed sets include essentials like slip joints, long noses, linesman, and locking pliers, as well as cutters for wire and cable. Mixed plier sets are a good way to equip an entire toolbox or give it as a gift. Top brands for pre-packaged sets include Irwin, Craftsman, and Stanley.

Build Your Own Pliers Set

For those who prefer to customize their plier selection, building your own set allows you to pick and choose pliers tailored specifically to your needs. It's best to start with essential pliers like combination slip joints, needlenose, and linesman pliers. Then you can add specialty pliers suited for electronics work, like wire strippers, or automotive use. Well-known brands to look at for individual pairs include Knipex, Wiha, and Channellock.

Groove Joint Pliers

Groove joint pliers are a popular multi-purpose type suitable for gripping, bending, and twisting a variety of objects. The grooves at the joint site give greater torque strength and durability compared to other joint types. Groove joint pliers are commonly used for electrical and plumbing applications. Top brands for quality groove joint pliers include Crescent and Channellock.

Slip Joint Pliers

If you need an adjustable tool, slip-joint pliers are handy to have around. Their jaws can grip and turn a range of nut and pipe sizes based on the slip joint position. Slip joint pliers provide a quick one-handed sizing adjustment and can substitute for a basic wrench in a pinch. Reliable slip joint pliers come from brands like Tonix Tools, Craftsman, Irwin, and Stanley.

Types of Pliers populer
Types of Pliers populer

Some Questions about Pliers You Need to Know

Pliers are indispensable tools when working with wire, whether for electrical tasks, jewelry making, or craft projects. Here are answers to some common questions about using different types of pliers when bending, stripping, and joining wires:

Which Pliers are Used for Making Wire Hooks and Loops?

Round monkey pliers are ideal for shaping wire into smooth, coiled loops and jump rings. The tapered, round jaws help bend the wire into evenly curved shapes. Brands like Lindstrom and Eurotool make quality round nose pliers that give you maximum control over the wire. Work slowly when bending, holding the wire as close to the plier jaws as possible for the smallest, tightest bends.

How to Strip Wire with Pliers

Stripping pliers are specially designed to remove the insulation from a wire in one motion. They have notches for common wire gauges to slice cleanly through the insulating jacket. Make sure to match the wire size to the notch size on the pliers. Firmly grip the base of the wire in the jaws while pulling firmly to strip away the plastic or rubber insulation in one clean piece. Rotate the wire as you pull for an even cut around the circumference. Lineman's pliers also have built-in wire strippers that can be used in a pinch.

How to Use Pliers to Tension and Join Wires

Tension pliers have a spring-loaded space between their jaws to hold and pull wire taut for wrapping or linking applications. Start by gripping the end of each wire in the plier jaws. Gently pull outward to achieve the desired tension between the two wire ends. Release slowly and the wires will join tightly. Use quality tension pliers like Beadsmith brand for the best grip plier and control when tensioning wire.

The right pliers make wire work much easier, allowing you to bend, strip, join, and wrap wire with precision. Investing in pliers designed specifically for wire tasks results in professional, consistent results whether you're making jewelry or doing electrical wiring.

Tonix tools premium multi-purpose pliers set
Tonix tools premium multi-purpose pliers set

Where to Buy Reputable and Quality Pliers at Cheap Prices?

If you're looking for high quality pliers at affordable prices, I recommend checking out Tonix Tools.

Tonix Tools is an online retailer that specializes in selling professional-grade hand tools at very reasonable costs. When it comes to pliers, Tonix has a great selection of products from reputable brands like Knipex, Irwin, and Channellock.

Some of their top-selling plier options include:

  • Irwin VISE-GRIP Locking Pliers - These patented locking pliers provide maximum clamping strength and are made in the USA. Tonix sells the 10" curved jaw model for just $16.99.
  • Knipex Linesman Pliers - Highly rated pliers made in Germany featuring a slim design and smooth action. Available for only $29.99 at Tonix.
  • Channellock Tongue and Groove Pliers - Trusted American-made multi-purpose pliers perfect for turning and gripping pipes. Just $23.49 at Tonix.
  • Tonix 20 Piece Best Plier Set - A premium mixed set including linesman, long nose, slip joint, and locking pliers for only $99.99.

The team at Tonix thoroughly vets suppliers and products to ensure quality and reliability. At the same time, they negotiate pricing and pass the savings along to customers.

So if you want reputable, pro-grade pliers without the high prices, check out Tonix Tools at Their warehouse is located at 1942 Broadway Suite 314C in Boulder, Colorado for quick order fulfillment and shipping across the US.

  • Email support:
  • Hotline: +1 (866) 698-8869
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